Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedel Chocolate Factory

I'm grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania (USA), so I, naturally, have inclinations for seeking out other chocolate factories (fyi: Hershey is home to the Hershey's Chocolate Company and the biggest chocolate factory in the world). Wedel is located in Praga by a big beautiful park and it even is located on a street that bears its name-- Wedel Avenue. I'm a big fan of Wedel's chocolate and packaging. Some of it has a vintage kick to it and, for the price tag (not very much/ about half the price of Lindt), the chocolate is very good. If you have a chance, try Ptasi Mlecko, Magura, Lukosowa, and Torcik Wedlowski. Better yet, visit Wedel's flagship cafe near Nowy Swiat for a Wedel hot chocolate or icecream sundae..

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