Sunday, May 29, 2011

Obama in Poland

Roadblocks, detours, secret service agents, police, snipers, bodyguards, motorcades, flashing lights, sirens, cameras, helicopters, journalists, tv crews,and flags.....were........everywhere.

(former) warsaw ghetto wall

"In mid-November 1940, the Nazis set up the Warsaw ghetto, into which they packed at least half a million people. Very soon, more that 5,000 people a month were dying of hunger, typhoid and other infectious diseases in this "Jewish reservation."
In his novel "Kaputt," Italian author Curzio Malaparte reported that Governor-General Frank had pointed out the high wall of the ghetto to him, saying, "Those poor Jews all have lung disease, but at least this wall protects them from the wind."" Michael Sontheimer,Der Spiegel, 'When We Finish, No One will be left alive'

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Charlotte is a fantastic new cafe that recently opened up in the center of Warsaw on Plac Zbawiciela. It is similar to Au Pain Quotidien as it serves French style bread and pastries and has a giant wooden communal table. The food is pretty good--their 'breakfast menus'(served all day)include yummy house jam, homemade nutella, white chocolate spread, and lavender honey. I've had better coffee and croissants but they are both quite alright. The prices are pretty moderate for the center of Warsaw (the breakfast with a croissant, jams and coffee cost 11 zloty) and there is a nice terrace to sit outside and people watch. At night, the main table in the center is raised and Warsaw's trendsetters come to hang out and sip some wine. Service is terribly slow but I think the staff is just getting the hang out it. Definitely recommended.

Obama fever

Sirens were wailing, secret service agents and police were everywhere and roads were blocked but I was still able to catch a glimpse of President Obama arriving at the Prime Minister's office today. Although it was hard to see him (he's in the bottom three photos; in the last one, he is waving), he still managed to give the crowd the wave and smile that they were came to see.

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